Professional Course

Pinsa Romana Course

Pizza maestro Maurizio Capodicasa made his name thanks in large part to his renowned mastery of quick and long rise doughs.  With years of experience at the Italian and international level in the development and launch of pizzerias (wood, electric, and gas ovens) of all specialties (pan pizza, traditional pizza, paddle pizza, pinsa romana, etc).  His expertise has helped launch over 1000 pizzerias throughout Italy, Europe, and beyond.

Maurizio Capodicasa is the only professional in Italy with over 14 years of experience with the methods and techniques of pinsa romana preparation.

Course Details and Objectives:

• Choosing the best raw ingredients
• Making quick and long rise doughs (48/72 hours)
• Managing cooking temperatures of the electric, gas, and wood-fired ovens
• Handling and seasoning of Pinsa dough
• Toppings: preparation, chopping, seasoning, placement, and cooking

Course Price Includes:

• Certificate of attendance from the Pizza Consult school
• Pizza chef uniform consisting of personalized polo shirt, trousers and apron
• Digital thermometer
• Handouts and teaching materials
• Use of laboratory equipment



8:30am - 01:30pm
6 lessons at 5 hour length

8:30am - 01:30pm
6 lessons at 5 hour length

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