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The laboratory, the most important part of your enterprise.

Where the pizza is actually made is the most important part of any pizzeria. The correct placement and installation of equipment in any pizzeria is vital for the organization and streamlining of the pizza making process. Pizzaconsult supports its customers by guaranteeing and recommending the best systems currently on the market.

Choosing the
perfect ingredients

Only high quality products.

The market offers numerous varieties of raw ingredients, but it is not always easy to make the right choice in terms of quality and yield. For the tomato sauce, for example, should you be sourcing puree, whole pulp, fresh unprocessed, or something else still? To orient yourself you need in-depth knowledge of the ingredients themselves and the pizza making process. The wrong ingredients and/or incorrect processing of the ingredients could have a massive negative impact on the final product, and consequently hurt your profits. Choosing the right ingredients is just the first step towards a great final product. To achieve excellence, it is necessary to know how to effectively wash, prepare, and safely conserve all your ingredients. If we asked 10 untrained cooks how champignon mushrooms need to be properly prepared and stored, do you know what would happen? We would have 10 different (most likely incorrect) answers.

Staff Training

Hiring and training staff in an effective manner is one of the most important foundations of any successful pizzeria. PizzaConsult provides training plans which give special attention to customer service, internal communication, aesthetics, and cleaning, guaranteeing that every aspect of the final product (including how the staff is trained) is in perfect harmony with the customer and can be evaluated with the "Success = Profit" ratio.

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