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The skill and passion of Maurizio Capodicasa, a Roman upbringing combined with decades of experience as a 'pizzaiolo' equipped Maurizio to not only become a world champion pizza chef, but also to invent and optimize numerous pizza and baking products sold throughout Italy and internationally.

Pizza maestro Maurizio Capodicasa made his name thanks in large part to his renowned mastery of quick and long rise doughs.  With years of experience at the Italian and international level in the development and launch of pizzerias (wood, electric, and gas ovens) of all specialties (pan pizza, traditional pizza, paddle pizza, pinsa romana, etc).  His expertise has helped launch over 1000 pizzerias throughout Italy, Europe, and beyond.

• Professor at A.P.I. (Associazione Pizzaioli Italiani) - From 1994 to 1998
• Teacher and manager of Professional and Amateur Pizza courses at the renowned cooking school “A Tavola con lo Chef” - From 1999 to 2014
• World Champion of Pan Pizza 2012 and Dessert Pizza 2012
• Consultant and Lecturer at the Promo Ter in Rome for the Lazio Region Courses - From 2014 to 2015
• Lecturer of Pizzeria Courses at the Frosinone Chamber of Commerce
• Professor of Pizzeria Courses at the Formalba Srl professional training school
• Member and Master PGM Instructor
• Member of the Board of Directors and of the Original Pinsa Romana Association
• Executive Product Supervisor of the Dentro Fuori network (Rome)
• Collaborator, evangelist, and training Master in the “La Confraternita della Pizza” Association.
• Among the leading experts and technicians in the field of bread making in general and pizza crust, with particular reference to Roman pan pizza; active contributor to the creation of the first APITER disciplinary, for Authentic Roman pan pizza.
• Awarded as Italian Excellence - Ambassador of DOC Taste Italy - for the Pinsa Romana 2020 - 2021 - 2022

Our mission

Only through passion can own achieve excellence

Pizza Consult was born from the never ending drive of Maurizio Capodicasa to improve himself as a pizza chef and a person, always researching and experimenting with the ingredients and cooking techniques he loves to share with his students and colleagues in the culinary industry.  The craft of a pizza chef is made up of artisanal craftsmanship, inspiration, creativity and also of entrepreneurship and managerial skills.

For pizza making professionals, the Pizza Consult team will be updating this website with fresh content regarding news, services, and tips from the industry.

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