Professional Course

Paddle Pizza & Traditional Pizza Course

Take advantage of this combo course and learn two different pizza styles at reduced cost!

Course Details and Objectives:

• Choosing the best raw ingredients
• Making quick and long rise doughs (48/72 hours)
• Managing cooking temperatures of the electric, gas, and wood-fired ovens
• Handling and seasoning of the dough
• Toppings: preparation, chopping, seasoning, placement, and cooking

Course Price Includes:

• Certificate of attendance from the Pizza Consult school
• Pizza chef uniform consisting of personalized polo shirt, trousers and apron
• Digital thermometer
• Handouts and teaching materials
• Use of laboratory equipment



8,30am - 13,30pm
6 lessons at 5 hour length

8,30am - 13,30pm
6 lessons at 5 hour length

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