Professional Course

Gluten Free Course

Recent scientific studies have shown that the number of people afflicted with celiac disease is constantly increasing. This phenomon is impacting eating habits around the world and has created a new, rapidly developing segment of customers with very specific needs.

Who should take this course?

This course is recommended for professional pizza makers and restaurant owners who want to master the theory and practices necessary to operate successfully in the Gluten Free sector.
This course will teach all the fundamentals for the preparation of gluten-free pinsa romana and traditional pizza. Students will get hands on lessons with the different preparation, drafting and cooking techniques for gluten free.

Course Details:

• Equipment, clothing, and organizational best practices for operating and serving customers in total safety.
• Raw ingredients, dressings, labeling and certifications for a secure food stock.
• Procedures for food conservation, order processing, cooking, table service and take-away
• Making the dough
• Kneading, forming and spreading technique
• Seasonings
• Pre-cooking and cooking in the electric oven



8,30 - 12,30
2 Lessons at 4 hour length

8,30 - 12,30
2 Lessons at 4 hour length

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